The breed


Since 2006 we breed Nolana-meatsheeps an since 2008 we are registered flock book breeders in the region of Thuringia. Our first Nolana-sheep came from the University of Osnabrück, Germany. The Nolana is a composite breed, originally based on Merino-sheep for the females and Wiltshire Horn-sheeps for the rams. Since the F1 generation Dorper rams were used and then the breed went on with Nolana rams. Beseide the breeding aims for the nolana race we emphasise the frugality of the sheep going along with a good use of forage and range.

This aspect is perfectly visible in the body structure of the animals (see pfotos). In our flock we have about 75 females, the breeding (10-15 animals/year) and the rams (2-3 animals). The weight of our adult females is about 80 to 85 kg. The rams are about 115 to 130 kg.

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