Family Peschke

Kumsgasse 2-4

99826 Bischofroda

Bischofroda is a small village in the administration district of Mihla in the country of Wartburg,Thuringhia. It is locatid in the surroundings of Eisenach and it is reachable passing throug Strgda and Berka. The village counts on about 700 residents and offers some beautiful old half-timbered houses and farmhouses. The name of the village probably derives from the founder bishop Ruthard from Mainz (1088-1109). He belonged to an ancient family of ministers in Rheingau and Thuringia. You may easyly find our farmhouse in The Kumsgasse (street) and we are looking forward to welcome you.


Gunder Peschke (Dipl. Ing. Agr)

Nina Foth (Dipl. Ing. Agr)

Fon: 036924/480676

email: gunder.peschke [at]


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